13-year-old clean water protection advocate gets Global Peace Prize nomination

  • A 13-year-old girl advocates people’s right for clean water
  • Autumn Peltier: “You were only given one planet. And we’re destroying it.”
  • Peltier was nominated in the International Children’s Peace Prize 

Are we still drinking potable water coming from natural resources like springs, wells, and others? Or are we sacrificing our health and drinking  water that’s not really proven safe? 

Image by Autum Peltier’s photo via Instagram

Are our rights to safe and clean water being sacrificed for “developments?”

A 13-year-old girl in Canada, despite her young age, is an advocate for clean water and she said that it should be available to people around the world. Her good efforts have been recognized anew after her nomination for a global peace prize, according to Elite Readers.

The International Children’s Peace Prize, launched in 2005, is awarded to a child who has worked to improve children’s lives around the world.

Autumn Peltier’s protest for clean water started when she was eight years old. In 2015, she attended the Children’s Climate Conference in Sweden among other children from 32 countries to draft their demands to the leaders of the world.

She was also asked to introduce Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the Assembly of First Nations Annual General Assembly in 2016. Peltier said the leader promised that he would protect the water.

In November 2018, the young advocate launched a national call to action where she invited everyone to participate in the shutdown of Canada for an hour on December 5 of the same year as a way to promote water protection.

Image by Autum Peltier’s photo via Instagram

Global Citizen quoted her saying, “You were only given one planet. And we’re destroying it. 

“It’s not just in North America where we need clean drinking water, it’s all over the world.”

We support your good efforts, young advocate!

Image by Autum Peltier’s photo via Instagram