Woman in Chicago sets new world record after hula-hooping for 100 hours

  • Jenny Doan from Chicago set a new world record by hula-hooping for 100-hours
  • She surpassed the current record by 25 hours
  • Doan actually achieved the 100-hour goal with a purpose

A woman from Chicago has posted a new world record for hula-hooping for 100 hours.

Image by Jenny Doan via Instagram

Jenny Doan, 29, has set a new record in marathon hula-hooping by surpassing the current record by 25 hours. However, foreign reports said that her accomplishment must be verified by the Guinness World Records. Once it’s verified, she will erase the current record of 74 hours and 54 minutes posted by Aaron Hibbs of Columbus, Ohio in 2009.

Doan also livestreamed her 100-hour journey to the world record. According to foreign reports, her marathon was not actually a 100-hour straight of hula-hooping. Based on Guinness rules, a participant is entitled with a five-minute breather for every hour.

It was also reported that she banked at least three hours from the accumulated five-minute break to take a nap.

Image by Jenny Doan via Instagram

“To pass the time, she watched movies and TV shows, ate, chatted with friends, browsed Reddit and as she wrote on her website, ‘twiddle my thumbs’,” a report said. It was also revealed that Doan trained for three months and five days to achieve the record-breaking milestone.

Doan’s achievement was not just for the record. There is actually a greater goal behind it — she used the hula-hooping marathon to raise money for Mental Health America; a nonprofit organization. She was able to raise more than $4,000.

A day after the marathon, Doan started to find out the impact of her four-day journey on her body but she said “it was such a huge relief to finish and make it all the way. I haven’t found the words to describe it yet.”

Image by Jenny Doan via Instagram

Her Guinness World Records attempt was over but her journey to raising more funds continues. “I met my 100 hour goal for hula-hooping, my nest goal is to reach $10K in donations for Mental Health America. It was so uplifting to see all kind words and donations roll in and I want to keep it up before the campaign ends on November 27. I’d love your help to share this as far as possible,” Doan said on her Instagram account.

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