Video showing a sidewalk vendor in Cebu shoved by authorities during crackdown ops trends

  • The rough apprehension of a vendor in Cebu City was caught in a video
  • The video has trended and even reached the city’s mayor
  • An investigation on the incident is now underway

A lowly man in Cebu City was only selling a bunch of oranges in the streets when he was suddenly mobbed by three personnel who enforced a rough apprehension over him.

Image Capture of a Video by Joseph Deriada via Twitter

Although the vendor was at fault for selling his goods on the wrong site, the way he was apprehended did not sit well with the public, especially with numerous people online.

In a 17-second video posted on Twitter and captured by a concerned citizen, Joseph Deriada, the still unidentified vendor was seen being pinned to the railing by two personnel from the Prevention, Order, Beautification, and Enhancement (Probe) team while they prevent him from reaching to his basket filled with unsold oranges. As he kept on extending his arms to pull his basket, he was being shove and pushed by the two personnel.

The video, which was posted on the evening of November 21, has since earned 1.8 million views and 22k retweets.

“Sad scene in front of the SM City Cebu this afternoon. I know these guys are only doing their jobs, pero there are proper ways to do it naman siguro in a more moral and humane manner. Prayers para kay kuya vendor,” Deriada said as he posted the video.

Image Capture of a Video by Joseph Deriada via Twitter

The viral video has also reached Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella, who ordered an investigation on the incident to determine the real story behind the alleged maltreatment of the vendor.

“Let this be noted by all Probe team members that although they need to do their job, they should make sure that they are not harming the vendors. They have to temper it with compassion. I will never tolerate this kind of incident,” the city’s top executive said in an interview.

Labella said an administrative investigation into the incident have been ordered. The personnel may be removed from their positions if proven that they commit lapses on handling the apprehension of the sidewalk vendor.

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