The Moffatts brothers latest music video showcases the beauty of Camiguin

  • Clint and Bob Moffatts showcased the beautiful White Island of Camiguin in their latest music video
  • Now known as MTL, the duo travels to find the best destinations to film their song covers
  • The video now has over 680,000 views online

The Moffatts brothers, Clint and Bob, showcased the beauty of Camiguin Island.

Image Capture of Video by MTL via Youtube

With only Clint and Bob in the band, The Moffatts now goes by the name “MTL” for Music, Travel, Love. And while they have left their teen pop sounds, they still make amazing song covers and beautiful music videos.

MTL travels the globe, films the best travel destinations with their song covers and shares it to the rest of the world to enjoy. For their latest music video, MTL traveled to the northern coast of Mindanao to showcase the mesmerizing beauty of Camiguin Island.

Singing the popular song, “You Are My Sunshine,” Clint and Bob serenaded everyone with their sweet voice while on a sandbar. The blue water, the pristine sands, the clear skies and even the crashing of the waves, make up a picturesque view of Camiguin Island.

The video has already earned over 682,000 views since posting and was flooded with positive comments. Not just Filipinos were mesmerized with the scenic view but even the duo’s foreign followers.

A netizen Lan Anh V said, “I’m Vietnamese and I think Philippines’ seas and beaches are the best in the world. Going to go to El Nido next year!” Another netizen commented, “The most beautiful sunshine from the world’s most beautiful beaches, the Philippines! Wow!”

Image Capture of Video by MTL via Youtube

Another fan also shared how much he loves the duo; saying, “Your voice complements to the calmness of the waves in one of the best beaches in our country. Good job to this another awesome video. Please continue to be a sunshine to others.”

Clint and Bob were earlier spotted in Iligan City as they surprised local with a live performance on the street. It was also at that time when they visited Camiguin to film their music video.

You can watch MTL’s video via their YouTube channel:

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