Regine Velasquez shares comforting message for Morissette Amon amidst ‘walkout’ issue

  • Regine Velasquez shared a few encouraging words for Morissette Amon
  • Morissette has been called out by Jobert Sucaldito for “walking out” on a concert where she was the main guest performer
  • Regine said she hopes and prays Morissette will get through this challenging time

Regine Velasquez shared a few words of advice to Morissette Amon who is recently facing a controversy.

Image by Morissette Amon via Instagram

Asia’s Songbird initially didn’t want to make a statement about Morissette; saying she doesn’t know the full story but later on decided to share a few encouraging words for the much younger singer.

Regine said, “Alam mo, hindi ko alam kung anong nangyari so it’s very hard for me to comment kasi wala ako talagang… I have no idea, actually.”

Morissette was called out by concert producer Jobert Sucaldito after she “walked out” on Kiel Alo’s concert, where she was supposed to be the main guest performer. Jobert was so devastated when Morissette refused to appear on stage and even decided to leave without apologizing to him and the audience.

According to Morissette’s manager, David Casico, the singer became upset over an interview made by Mario Dumaual prior to her appearance on stage. The veteran entertainment writer had reportedly asked Morissette about her lovelife and her relationship with her father.

Image by Morissette Amon via Instagram

It can be recalled that Morissette’s father went on a social media rant about his daughter’s boyfriend; alleging that the two have eloped. Amidst the controversy she’s facing, Regine said she hopes  Morissette is feeling better and is coping with it well.

She said, “I hope that she’s okay. I hope that… you know, sometimes, gano’n talaga, may pagdadaanan ka. I hope that God will give her the strength para mapagdaanan niya nang tama ito. Kasi ang hirap kasi ang bata pa niya.”

Morissette had earlier shared her appreciation for Regine; disclosing that she has so much love and respect for the latter.

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