Paolo Ballesteros shows off throwback photos with his aunt Eula Valdes

  • Paolo Ballesteros shared a throwback photo of him and his aunt Eula Valdes
  • Many netizens were surprised that the two celebrities are related
  • According to an earlier interview with Eula, Paolo’s grandmother is the sister of her mother

Paolo Ballesteros shared a throwback photo of him and his aunt, Eula Valdes.

Image by Paolo Ballesteros via Instagram

Many may not know it but Paolo Ballesteros and Eula Valdes are actually related. On Instagram, Paolo shared photos showing the beautiful and young Eula with a curly-haired toddler Paolo. In another photo, Eula is carrying Paolo in her arms. Both are wearing smiles to show they are enjoying each other’s company.

Paolo captioned the photos with, “Throwback! With my tita ninang @eulavaldes in Cabanatuan hehe. Thanks for the pic labyu. #kulotpamore #siMatet.

He even joked how at a young age, he was already seen holding a comb. Paolo joked, “Alam na agad ang hawak hawak!”

Many were surprised at how much the two celebrities look alike. Some were even surprised that they’re related.

Netizen G. Urbina wrote, “Tita mo pala si Eula, Pao. Now ko lang nalaman.” Netizen C. Dingle also had the same sentiment and said, “Hala, kamag-anak mo pala si Eula.”

Image by Paolo Ballesteros via Instagram

Paolo and Eula share the same bloodline with the famous Filipino artist Fernando Amorsolo, a National Artist for Visual Arts. In an earlier interview, Eula explained that her mother, Gracia, is Amorsolo’s daughter, while Paolo’s paternal grandmother, Virginia, is the artist’s daughter, as well.

She said, “Yung lola niya, si Tita Virginia, na kapatid ng mom ko, ang panganay ni Amorsolo. And si Paolo, anak siya ng anak ni Tita Virginia.”

While Paolo has been known for his artistic skills using make-up, he also revealed that his aunt Eula is also blessed with the same eye for art as their famous grandfather Amorsolo.

Paolo shared, “My late father (Elito) was a painter in New York and Tita Eula paints well, too.”

One of Eula’s oil paintings even adorned the living room of the late director Wenn V. Deramas.

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