Matteo Guidicelli saved up for Sarah G’s engagement ring since 2014

  • Matteo Guidicelli had been saving for Sarah Geronimo’s engagement ring since 2014
  • Jerry Telan, Matteo’s former road manager, revealed that Matteo once told him he needs to work to save up for Sarah’s ring
  • Matteo’s statement came just barely a year after he and Sarah became a couple

The former road manager of Matteo Guidicelli has revealed that the actor has been saving for Sarah Geronimo’s engagement ring since 2014.

Image by @iamaldrin25 via Instagram

It sure looks like Matteo was already madly in love with Sarah that he already had his future planned with her as early as 2014. It seems like barely a year since the lovebirds began their relationship, Matteo already was sure he has found “The One.”

On Instagram, Matteo’s former road manager, Jerry Telan, shared throwback photos of him with the Star Magic actor. Referring to Matteo’s wedding proposal, Jerry congratulated his friend and said, “So happy for Matty. His perseverance was 5 years in the making.”

Much to the delight of AshMatt fans, Jerry added another fun tidbit about the couple. He revealed, “Sabi niya noong 2014 sa aming mall show raket in Bohol: ‘Kuya Jers, I need more work to buy an engagement ring for Sarah.’ And the rest is history.”

Image by Matteo Guidicelli via Instagram

Matteo replied to the post; saying, “Good times bro!!”

Since 2013, Sarah and Matteo have kept their romance private until Sarah finally confirmed it in June 2014. Finally after 6 years of being a couple, they announced their engagement last November 7; much to the joy of fans and fellow celebrities.

While the couple had been mum about any engagement news prior to their announcement, Matteo’s younger brother Paolo revealed that Matteo and Sarah have been engaged for a year already.

Following their engagement announcement, Matteo wrote a heartfelt message to the parents and family of Sarah telling them just how much he loves their daughter.