Mariel Padilla responds to netizen who said it’s “sad” she’s having another baby girl

  • Mariel Padilla reacted to a netizen who commented about her second daughter
  • The netizen said it’s “sad” that the host will have another baby girl
  • Mariel responded saying there’s nothing sad with having another “sweet baby girl”

Mariel Padilla decided to respond to a netizen who commented it’s “sad” that she is having another baby girl.

Image by Mariel Padilla via Instagram

Mariel is almost on her way to giving birth to her second child with Robin Padilla. Like any expectant mom, Mariel shares updates and photos of her pregnancy. In one particular post, the “It’s Showtime” host couldn’t help but respond to a netizen who commented on the gender of her upcoming new bundle of joy.

The netizen wrote, “Ay girl ulit. Sad naman [Crying emoji].” Mariel didn’t back down and responded, “How the hell could another sweet baby girl be sad?”

The netizen tried to explain her comment and said, “It’s not what you think. Yeah, it’s an angel, it’s a blessing. I thought it’s a boy.” She even tried to appease the host by saying she is a fan of Robin. She said, “Calm down, Mariel. I’m a fan of your husband.”

But Mariel insisted to get a dignified answer and said, “So, how is it sad?” The netizen said, “Never mind!”

Image by Mariel Padilla via Instagram

Many fans and followers of Mariel defended the host from the harsh comment about her baby. A fellow mom of 2 girls also gave the netizen a lengthy reply; saying, “I have 2 beautiful girls and I was happy and blessed to have them, I too experience people like [netizen] words are hurtful and it breaks my heart hearing it from people too. All I say to them is: Stop, think about what you just said and apologize. If they don’t, I smile and walk away.” Finally, the netizen apologized for her comment.

Mariel is already in her 39 weeks and is on her way to meeting their second daughter, Gabriela. Her eldest daughter, Isabella, just turned 3-years old.

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