Manny V. Pangilinan eyes banning use of plastic in company

  • Manny V. Pangilinan expressed his interest in helping environment efforts in protecting the planet
  • PLDT-Smart launched their “Gabay Kalikasan” project which is an advocacy program that aims to reduce waste
  • MVP shared they are eyeing to ban the use of plastics in their own company

Business tycoon Manny V. Pangilinan admitted they are eyeing the possibility of banning the use of plastic in their company.

Image by Pops Fernandez via Instagram

PLDT Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Manny V. Pangilinan was joined by PLDT Senior Vice President and Smart Chief Financial Officer Chaye Cabal-Revilla and several other big names and celebrities as they launched the “Gabay Kalikasan” project.

The “Gabay Kalikasan” is the newest sustainability project by the SMART-PLDT company. Pangilinan shared their vision to help save the planet by reducing plastic consumption of their own companies.

He said, “I think for PLDT, we should totally ban plastic, the use of plastic, at least, within our premises and hopefully, within your homes. That’s already endemic in most parts of the world, in terms of the ban on plastics.”

The CEO shared how their company is looking at a project that will enable them to collect and recycle plastic waste that their company is contributing. “So, itinatapon lang yun, we should have a drive to collect SIM cards that are discarded saka yung cell phones na lumang-luma na, even phone chargers,” MVP said.

Image by Pops Fernandez via Instagram

Pangilinan noted how important it is for Filipinos to take active participation in environmental efforts since studies show we are one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change.

“Several recent international studies have warned that the Philippines is among the countries that are being most adversely affected by the changing climate,” Pangilinan added.

He also shared his hope and motivation in building a better future for our planet. Pangilinan said, “Let us take action to protect our planet. And let us create hope for a better future for our people.”

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