“Mahiya naman tayo”: Yorme Isko says no to political dynasty with his children

  • Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said he is “strict” against his children entering politics
  • He said he doesn’t approve of letting every family member to be part of the government all at the same time
  • Yorme, however, approves of his son joining showbiz

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno explained his “strict” rule to his children against them entering politics while he is still in office.

Image by Batang Maynila Movement via Facebook

While the children of the mayor are still too young to probably have politics on their mind, their father has already inculcated to them that politics is “off limits.”

Moreno told Pep, “I don’t allow my children to be part of the government, not until nasa gobyerno ako. But if I’m still in public office, they’re not allowed because, let others lead their respective fields.”

Yorme Isko has five children with his wife Diana Lynn Ditan — Vincent Patrick, 21, Frances Diane, 19, Joaquin Andre, 18, Franco, 13, and Drake, 7.

While he believes in the saying that “a fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Yorme Isko disapproves of building a political dynasty. He explained, “There’s no monopoly of knowledge. While it is true that I believe na ang prutas, hindi bumabagsak na malayo sa kanyang puno, you shouldn’t tell every member of the family to join public service all at the same time.”

Image by Mayor Isko Moreno via Facebook

“Mahiya naman tayo. I hope sundin nila, ’cause I’m very strict about it. It’s a non-negotiable thing to me,” he said.

However, if there’s one thing Moreno doesn’t mind being followed by his children, it is showbiz. His son, Joaquin Domagoso, is already starting out in the entertainment industry. He is set to star in an upcoming movie, “Jolly Spirit Squad.”

Mayor Isko shared, “I said yes, but with the premise that he will continue to go to school and finish his education.”

That’s it for Yorme as a father!

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