Kind gasoline boy who gave stray “aspin” a good bath praised by netizens

  • A gasoline boy was seen giving a stray dog a good bath while at work
  • The uploader of the video, Lauri Angelo Labandoy, said the attendant gave the dog a bath at around noontime probably to refresh the dog from the heat of the sun
  • Many netizens praised the random act of kindness towards an animal

Netizens praised a gasoline boy who took the time and effort to give a stray dog a good bath.

Image Capture of Video by Lauri Angelo Labandoy via Facebook

Netizen Lauri Angelo Labandoy shared a touching video of a kind gasoline boy taking his time to wash and give an “Aspin” or “Asong Pinoy” a good shower in a gasoline station in Manila.

According to Labandoy, he often sees the stray dog roaming near the gas station. Dirty and probably smelly, the poor dog had no owner to take care of it. Labandoy said the gas boy gave the dog a shower around 12:40 noontime when the sun was scorching hot, to help refresh the dog. He said he was impressed with the random act of kindness towards animals.

Netizens were impressed too with the good deed. Many said that it is rare nowadays for people to care about stray animals. Netizen C. Suansing said, “The way you treat animals shows a lot about your character. Kudos kuya for your kindness!”

Image Capture of Video by Lauri Angelo Labandoy via Facebook

Netizen J. Bernabe also praised the gas attendant saying, “Sometimes, those who have less are the ones with a big heart.”

Netizen L. Roca said the employer of the gas boy should be proud of his worker. She said, “Thank you, Sir..restoring my faith in humanity..may pag-asa pa pala tayo. Bless you and keep on loving animals po. I salute you. Your boss is lucky to have you as an employee. Sobrang ganda nitong video. Thank you for Lauri for taking time and posting.”

You can watch the video from GMA’s YouTube channel:

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