Kim Atienza proudly shares passion for classic scooters and motorbikes

  • Kim Atienza has a collection of vintage scooters and motorbikes
  • His prized collection includes, a 57-year-old BMW R50 bike, a Royal Enfield motorcycle made during the World War II, the lone Lambretta F model found in Asia and many others
  • Kuya Kim said he considers these motorbikes as “a piece of art” with history

Kim Atienza is an avid collector of rare and vintage scooters and motorbikes.

Image by Kim Atienza via Instagram

We are used to seeing the Matanglawin host carrying some rare or adorable animals on TV. On his social media accounts, however, Kuya Kim can be seen with his collection of prized motorbikes.

Recently, Kuya Kim showed off his 57-year-old BMW R50 as he rode to on his way to work. He said, “What a blessing to tide every single day! Salamat Lord.” He had earlier shared that the BMW R50 was purchased by the first owner in 1962 from Hahn Manila, which was then the only BMW and European moto dealer in the Philippines during the 1960’s.

Kuya Kim shared, “It felt good knowing that this 57-year-old bike still is on the road running like new, giving me such pleasure it gave the 1st owner almost 3 decades ago.”

Another “rare find” he got is his 1954 Lambretta F, which he REPORTEDLY acquired barely 3 years ago. According to Kuya Kim, this one is a multiple show winner and the rarest bike he has in his collection.

Image by Kim Atienza via Instagram

He said, “This is the only Lambretta F model in the Philippines and probably the only F model in Asia.”

Around August, Kuya Kim’s Royal Enfield Classic 500 Desert Storm motorcycle made it In the news after Dingdong Dantes shared that they were going to use it on their upcoming teleserye, “the Descendants of the Sun” remake. The model by Royal Enfield was designed during the World War II.

Image by Kim Atienza via Instagram

Asked why he is passionate about vintage motorbikes, Kuya Kim had earlier shared, “It’s a piece of art, a piece of sculpture with history and provenance.”

Want to collect bikes, too? Kuya Kim shares valuable tips in this video shared by ABS CBN: