Jane de Leon pens heartfelt message to her “past self” reminding her to not give up

  • Jane de Leon looked back at the experiences she went through in showbiz
  • She recalled commuting with her luggage, running after a bus and having no money to pay for fare
  • The “Darna” star motivated her “Past Jane” to hold on as good things are about to happen

Jane de Leon took a moment to look back at how far along she has been in the showbiz industry.

Image by Jane de Leon via Instagram

For her 21st birthday, the newest “Darna” star wrote a heartfelt message addressed to her “past self” — reminding herself not to give up and to always be grateful. Jane began by addressing her letter to “Dear Past Jane” and recalled how insecure and afraid she used to be.

Jane wrote, “You just entered an extremely tough industry girl! I know exactly what you’re feeling right now — the uncertainties, the insecurities and the constant fear of not knowing if you’ll ever get your big break.”

The teen actress recalled the the challenges she went through when she had to commute and had almost nothing. Jane shared, “Life is tough, and I know it’s hard for you to commute with that bulky luggage of yours, from workshops to castings to shoots like you used to before. Naalala mo ba yung time where you had to run after a bus dahil alam mong you’d be late if you missed it? Kumusta naman yung mga panahong halos sa ABS ka na matulog dahil wala kang sapat na pera to head back home to Laguna after your workshop?”

Image by Jane de Leon via Instagram

She also admitted she once considered quitting showbiz but was so thankful she thought otherwise and decided to hold on. Jane told “herself” to not give up, “Huwag ngayon, because big things are about to happen. I promise!”

Jane praised God for always being good and gracious to her and thanked Him for all the blessing that are about to come her way. “We’re almost there! Kaya AJA!!! Love, Present Jane,” she ended.

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