Farmers ask the public to buy sayote as price in Benguet drops to P2-3 per kilo

  • The price of sayote in the Benguet province has dropped to P2-3 kilograms per kilo
  • According to several agribusinesses connected to sayote farmers, there is an oversupply of sayote
  • They call on the public to buy sayote to help farmers

The price of sayote in the Benguet province has reportedly plummeted down due to oversupply.

Image by Tagani Philippines via Twitter

On social media, there have been loud calls to help Bengeut farmers after the price of sayote reportedly dropped to as low as P2-3 per kilogram. According to Tagani Philippines, a farm-to-table agribusiness digital platform, farmers “have tons of sayote to harvest.”

They asked the public to help farmer by saying, “Benguet’s sayote farmers need your help! There is an OVERSUPPLY of sayote in Benguet. They are currently being bought at P2/kg by middlemen. The farmers still have TONS of sayote to harvest. Pls buy at P180/10kg.”

According to an interview made by Isa Umali of DZBB to a vendor from Quinta Market, the price of sayote have dropped significantly. She tweeted a video of the short interview saying, “Ayon kay Nonong Hidama, isa sa mga vendor sa Quinta Market, mula sa dating P90 na kada kilo ng sayote, bumagsak na ang presyo nito sa P15 hanggang P30 dahil sa napaulat na oversupply ng sayote.”

Image by Murang Gulay via Facebook page

Even the Murag Gulay Shop has asked the public to buy sayote at a “reasonable price” in an effort to help farmers. They tweeted, “A farmer friend in Benguet asked me to sell their sayote in a reasonsble price. May oversupply sa sayote ngayon kaya po 2-3pesos ang bentahan ng farmer per kg. They still have tons of stocks to harvest. We are selling 180/10kg.”

Meanwhile, Sagada farmers have turned their abundance into blessings to others. Their farmers, with the help of the local government and the Department of Agriculture (DA) have launched “Oplan Sayote.” They asked farmers to donate sayote to residents of Mindanao affected by the recent series of quakes.

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