Family in Sorsogon runs out of candles, uses birthday candles during power interruption instead

  • This household in Sorsogon had a different way to overcome brownout in their place
  • Instead of using the usual white candles, they used birthday candles
  • No one was celebrating a birthday, it was just the power interruption

When a power interruption occurs, a Filipino household would usually turn to its stash of candles because a family, especially in the countryside, does not normally own a generator or an emergency light.

Image by April Catherine Fojas via Facebook

During these times, you would expect to see that familiar tall, white, candle lighting up the whole house and even the neighborhood. But a family in Sorsogon had a unique set of candles that helped them overcome brownout last November 5.

Instead of bringing out the usual set of white, tall candles, April Catherine Fojas, a special education teacher in Sorsogon, brought out her collection of birthday candles after running out of regular candles.

She lit the set of numerical candles that usually come with the birthday cake on a big platter before posting it on Facebook with a caption: Kandila namin ngayon. [These are our candles right now.]

She could not help but be humored over what she did because it’s not every “brownout day” that you light a set of birthday candles to overcome darkness. In one of her comments, Fojas said they finally made use of the birthday candles they have collected in previous occasions.

Image by April Catherine Fojas via Facebook

Some even greeted her a happy birthday on the comments section, which she just laughed at.

Later that night, it seemed like Fojas had to light another set of candles and it looked like their house has a collection of birthday candles as she brought out another set of birthday candles. However, instead of the numerical ones, she used the thin, little candles also used for birthday cakes.

This would leave you thinking; their family love  celebrating birthdays!

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