Dogs feast on a boodle fight in Lambac

  • A foreign woman organized a boodle fight for dogs in Lambac, Laguna.
  • A tasty meal made of 10 kilos of rice and 10 kilos of chicken was piled up in along banana leaf laid on the ground
  • Native dogs being taken cared of by The Native Dogs of Lambac Philippines organization happily feasted while viewers were entertained on this rare experience

According to the urban dictionary, “Boodle fight” means “military-style of eating.  Food is piled up on top of banana leaves prepared on long tables, and people gather around it to eat fast at the start of the signal with their bare hands. It is also considered as “Philippine fine dining.”

And this fun activity has been proven to be not just for humans but for our furry friends, too!

Image via @All About Dogs and Puppies | Facebook

A foreigner who has a big heart for dogs thought of organizing a boodle fight for native dogs in Lambac, Laguna.  This furry animal party was held with the help of The Native Dogs of Lambac Philippines; an organization that takes care of some native dogs in the area.  A sumptuous meal made from 10 kilos of rice and 10 whole chicken was prepared on a large and long banana leaf laid on the ground.  It was held at Olivar Dog Farm, and many people went there to witness it.

At the signal to start the feast, almost 20 dogs rushed to the center to enjoy a delicious meal.  Viewers cheered as they were entertained by an extraordinary experience of dogs eating altogether. That was such a cute sight to see.  In less than 5 minutes, these dogs were able to finish everything; feeling satisfied and happy.

Image via @All About Dogs and Puppies | Facebook

This event was also posted by All About Dogs and Puppies Facebook page and earned over five thousand likes with a lot of netizens praising the idea and the one who sponsored the food.

“Wow galing naman ng nag-organize. Super bait po ninyo…God bless po kahit papano happy ang mga doggy..”

“Buti pa aso nagsasaid ng pagkain. Yong ibang tao panay kaartihan ang alam. May patira-tira pa sa plato.”

“Good Job po!!! Yan dapat. Pati mga aso bigyan ng kasayahan makaramdam ng fiesta!!! God bless po sa gumawa niyan!”

Many expressed desire to replicate the same idea. At least this event has inspired others that it can be done. The Native Dogs of Lambac Philippines group treated these dogs to another boodle fight days after. 

Watch the dogs in this video by clicking on the image below:

Click the image to watch the video by Tom Fredrik Klitzing