“Daghang Salamat”: Residents in Davao Del Sur hold messages of thanks for all the help they received

  • Residents of Poblacion Magsaysay held up signage bearing messages of thanks
  • Their town was also hit by the earthquake that shook Mindanao
  • Earlier they carried signages with messages asking for help

Several victims of a series of tremors in Mindanao showed their appreciation for all the help they received.

Image by TJ Paguirigan Gomez via Facebook

For days, residents who were left homeless, helpless and hungry due to the series of tremors waved signage across the streets asking for help. It was such a tragic sight of desperation as the old and the young ask for food, water, shelter and medicines. And while most of their messages were written in Visayan, their pleas were heard and understood all over the country. Soon enough, help came in truckloads of goods and outpouring of donations.

While there are still so much to be done and many are still in need, the people of Poblacion Magsaysay in Davao del Sur, were already bearing smiles of relief.

Netizen TJ Paguirigan Gomez shared on Facebook photos of residents holding their huge signages across the streets. This time though, they bear smiles and messages of appreciation to those who didn’t turn their backs on them when they were in need. Their wrote, “Thank You,” “Daghang Salamat,” and “Salamat sa Tabang” [Thanks for the help].

Image by Bangon Makilala via Twitter

He wrote, “Not waving for help, waving to say thanks for helping our kababayan. Maraming salamat po sa tulong.”

Areas in Mindanao were hit with a series of tremors that devastated homes and infrastructures. Many were left homeless, hungry and in need. 

While local government units provided assistance and relief goods, there were also many private individuals and groups who conducted donation drives and provided assistance. Religious groups, schools, businesses came together to share their support.

There’s always faith in humanity.

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