Chesca Garcia shares sweet birthday message for daughter Scarlett

  • Chesca Garcia has a sweet birthday message for her daughter Scarlett who just turned 8 years old
  • She described Scarlett as someone who is sweet but also full of personality
  • She wishes Scarlett will grow up to become healthy and happy

Chesca Garcia got a bit emotional as her second daughter, Scarlett, turned 8 years old.

Image by Chesca Garcia-Kramer via Instagram

Like any doting mother, Chesca could not help but looks back at how time flew too fast for her “Louvie-girl.” Chesca began by greeting Scarlett a happy birthday and describing how special she is for her and everyone around them.

She wrote,.”Happy happy birthday to my Louvie-girl! Words are not enough to even describe my love for you. You’re special, unique, and really one of a kind… All those who know you can attest to that.”

Aside from being a sweet girl, Chesca also described Scarlett as someone who is smarter than her age. She said,.”You’re sweet, hard working,and wise beyond your years, a deep thinker, a talented writer, creative in every way. You’re so much, so much more than you know!”

The doting mom also shared how Scarlett is much more than her when it comes to personality. She said, “My animal lover, gentle care-giver,and I can go on and on about you! You’ve got a lot of personality for me!”

Chesca also shared how she will never get tired of showing how much she loves and cares for her daughter.

Image by Chesca Garcia-Kramer via Instagram

She said, “Those qualities you have make you so endearing and irresistible to me. I’ll never ever get tired of loving, kissing and hugging you. My Louvelle! Dramatic and funny at the same time! You make my world go round! Happy birthday my love! My Louvelle!”

Chesca revealed that her birthday wish for her daughter is for her to always be blessed by God, to be healthy and happy as she can be.

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