Chance not wasted: Student who continued to train after being rejected takes home gold medal

  • A coach shared an inspiring story of how his athlete refused to give up even after being turned down to join the team
  • Coach Jerome Hermosilla rejected Christian Baton from the relay team for being “small”
  • When he was finally given a chance, Christian bagged a silver and a gold medal

A coach’s decision to let one “persistent” student compete paid off as he went on to win medals.

Image by Jerome Hermosilla via Facebook

On Facebook, a teacher from Danao City, Jerome Hermosilla shared an inspiring story about perseverance and the importance of giving everyone a chance.

Coach Jerome admitted he wasn’t confident in allowing his student, Christian Jake Baton, to join the relay team of the Bibiana Mercado Integrated School for the Danao City Olympics. The coach said Christian just didn’t have the physical qualifications to make it to the team.

“I didn’t allow him because he was small,” Coach said. But Christian was as determined as ever to prove to everyone he could do it. Despite being rejected, the 12-year-old would continue to practice, barefoot, alongside other team players.

“He really wanted to join the track and field team.. He goes to training, barefoot,” Coach Jerome said.

Image by Jerome Hermosilla via Facebook

Knowing that perseverance and determination are what make good athletes, Coach Jerome finally gave the hardworking student a chance. And it actually paid off as Christian surprised everyone by winning medals for the team. During the Danao City Olympics held last November 21 and 22, 2019, Christian brought home a silver anda  gold medal.

Coach Jerome shared, “I allowed him and he did surprise us with his success, he won a silver medal for 4×100 meter relay and gold medal for 4×400 meter relay.”

The Coach was so inspired by his athlete that he shared Christian’s story on Facebook. It immediately went viral as many netizens loved the story. It has over 10,000 shares and 43,000 reactions since posting.

This is so heartwarming, Christian!