Cab company prohibits employees from licking fingers when handling papers, counting money

  • A Yokohama-based cab company officially banned its employees from licking their fingers when handling papers and counting money
  • Sanwa Kotsu has not received any complaints yet from customers regarding finger-licking
  • They decided to release the policy to ensure that everyone from their company provides excellent customer service as well as business decency
Image via Pixabay

A Yokohama-based taxi company, Sanwa Kotsu, has proven that they can provide more than ninja- and security police-styled drivers to their customers. It has received several attentions online after announcing a new policy that goes along with their company values and commitment.

Last November 22, the Japanese company informed their employees about the new rule by sharing a photo of the memo on their official Twitter account.

“From this point forward, the following actions are prohibited when handling any documents or papers,” the memo reads, as translated in English by Sora News 24.

“The application to the fingertips of transparent liquids secreted by the salivary glands, oral [multiparous] glands, or elsewhere in the oral cavity to the fingertips prior to the re-pagination of paper documents or currency,” the company said.

To make it more simple, Sanwa Kotsu is now prohibiting its employees from licking their fingers when they are handling documents and even when they are counting money.

The company has not recorded any complaints yet from their customers about finger-licking. They have just decided to implement the new rule as a precaution and to prevent their employees from doing such bad practice.

Image via @sanwa_taxi | Twitter

Also, the company wanted to ensure that everyone adheres in providing great customer service as well as business decency, especially when dealing with customers and colleagues.