Alden’s fans trend “NoToBongRevillaOnTheGift” to express their dismay on guest appearance

  • Fans of Alden Richards aired their negative reaction on reports that Senator Bong Revilla will guest on “The Gift”
  • They said it’s unfair that Alden will be used to “clean up” the image of Revilla
  • Lolit Solis defended Revilla and said the senator took care of Alden when he was just starting out

Fans of Alden Richards expressed their disappointment over recent reports that Senator Bong Revilla will appear on the TV series, “The Gift.”

Image by Alden Richards via Instagram

Reports have circulated online that the controversial senator will guest on Alden Richards, “The Gift.” Many fans didn’t take the news lightly and aired their frustration online. The hashtag #notobongrevillaonthegift became yesterday’s top 2 trending topic on Twitter.

Netizen @marcinareus02 explained why they are taking a stand. She explained, “Saying #NoToBongRevillaOnTheGift is taking a stand against politicians who plundered the taxpayers’ money – money that could have been used for education, agriculture, etc. Bong did that and was acquitted. Then he’ll be part of the show to appear once again a hero? No.”

Another Alden fan also said he wouldn’t trade her “fangirling” for morals and said, “I vowed to support my fave in any way I can but I would never EVER trade my values and moral stand for anything. This is me setting my limits as a fangirl.”

Image by Bong Revilla via Facebook

Fans went on to tweet the director of “The Gift” to air their sentiments. Netizens tagged Direk L.A. Madridejos to appeal not to push through with the guesting.

A netizen said, “Taking a political, and more importantly a moral stand. It’s not enough that he was not made to pay for his plundering, but to use the show to improve his image. Isn’t a corrupt politician one of Sep’s oppressors? @akosi_LA @GMADrama”

Meanwhile, Lolit Solis, a loyal friend of Bong Revilla said she doesn’t believe that it was Alden’s “loyal fans” who made the hashtag tweet. She said, “Iyong mga tunay na nagmamahal kay Alden alam kung paano inalagaan ni Bong si Alden noong bago pa lang ito.”