After Tulflix, “Tulfone” is here as Raffy Tulfo launches smartphone

  • Raffy Tulfo has launched its Tulfo-branded smartphone, the “Tulfone”
  • It’s actually a Cherry Mobile Flare S7 with a “Raffy Tulfo in Action” logo and other features
  • The “Tulfone” Flare S7 is priced at P3,999 and will be available soon

“Idol” Raffy Tulfo has added a smartphone to their list of merchandise.

Image Capture of Video by Raffy Tulfo in Action via Youtube

With a YouTube following of over 8.5 million followers, Raffy Tulfo’s growing popularity is unquestionable. Their episodes have kept viewers hooked on Pinoy real-life drama. Now, Tulfo is expanding its brand to include official “Tulfo and Chill” hoodies and an official Funko Pop.

The latest addition to their Tulfo-branded products is the “Tulfone” smartphone. “Idol Raffy” initially launched the the Tulfone during the part 10 of the viral story of Tatay Alexander Gutal episode.

The “Tulfone” is a Cherry Mobile Flare S7 with a “Raffy Tulfo in Action” logo embossed in the back, and is loaded with exclusive Tulfo ringtones and wallpapers. The “Tulfone” Flare S7 is priced at P3,999 and is expected to be available in stores soon.

The smartphone is perfect for any Tulfo enthusiast and is an ideal Christmas gift for your tito or tita who doesn’t miss an episode of the show. Netizens were also thrilled and wished to know more about the features of the phone.

Image by Mar Tulfo via Facebook

Netizen A. Orais commented, “Nakakatakot nakawin ‘yan, baka ma trace ni Idol Raffy, kalaboso live on air ang magnanakaw.”

Another one said how the “Tulfone” might actually help her business. She said, “Ito ang gagamitin kong phone sa online business ko para madali magbayad ang mga may utang.”

Netizen C. Chiz joked how the phone also might improve marriages. He said, “Ito yung phone na magandang iregalo sa misis/mister at sure ako magiging matatag ang kanilang samahan.”

Netizen D. Araneta said she hopes the phone actually has apps that will be useful during an emergency. She said, “Wow, sana meron din matik na built in apps sa phone para kung meron mga urgent na cases, madaling matulungan ng team ni Sir Raffy.”

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