A Mother’s love: Nanay hands out coins, bills she saved to buy daughter’s first iPhone

  • A mother was seen handing out her savings of coins and bills to pay for an iPhone 5s
  • It was her daughter’s first-ever cellphone and a reward for being good in school
  • Many lauded Nanay Vilma Jayme for her love

A mother from Lapu-Lapu City recently went viral after she was seen counting her savings to buy her daughter a brand new phone.

Image by K&L Marketing via Facebook

No one can quite compare to how great a mother’s love is. They are willing to sacrifice their needs just so their children can have enough. Such is the viral story of a humble mother who saved money just to reward her daughter her first cellphone.

On Facebook, K&L Marketing, a cellphone shop, shared a photo of Nanay Vilma Jayme. She was seen handing out her entire savings amounting to P3,999 to buy her daughter her first-ever cellphone, an iPhone 5s.

What’s more touching is that the cash was mostly in coins and P20 bills; showing just how much the loving mother saved up for the precious gift.

The shop shared how touched and impressed they were of Nanay Vilma’s love for her daughter. They wrote, “Today at K&L Marketing Lapu-Lapu Branch, we have witnessed a great & pure mother’s love. We salute you Nay. You showed us unsa ang kaya mabuhat sa inahan para sa iyang anak. There’s no greater love than a mother’s love.”

Image by K&L Marketing via Facebook

Writing in Cebuano, the shop explained that Nanay really saved up money so her daughter can use the phone in her studies. It was also her daughter’s reward for being a top student. They told Nanay Vilma that one day her daughter will give back to her.

The shop also defended Nanay Vilma on why she chose to buy an iPhone when there are other much cheaper phones available.  They explained that their iPhones are so much more affordable than most androids phones in other shops. The iPhone 5s that Nanay chose for P3,999 was considered the cheapest among the line and was bought when the shop had their  “Big One Day Sale.”

They said, “So, please don’t judge Nanay if ngano iPhone gyud ang gipalit.” [Please don’t judge Nanay on why she chose to buy an iPhone].

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