5-year-old kid who posed with a stewardess recreates photo, but this time they’re colleagues

  • A 5-year-old boy named Xu Yang Feng posed next to a flight attendant 15 years ago
  • Now, they meet again and work together as colleagues
  • Xu said flight attendant Fang inspired him to pursue a career as an aviation crew

A young boy who posed next to a stewardess years ago is now that stewardess’ new colleague.

Image by Beijing Youth Paper Daily via Mothership

15 years ago, a 5-year-old boy named Xu Yang Feng was on his first airplane ride. Just like any boy, he was scared but also thrilled over his adventure. And to capture the moment, he even snagged a photo with the flight stewardess who assisted him. That moment must have made such an impression on the young boy as years later, Xu was inspired to pursue a career as an aviation crew.

Call it coincidence or sheer luck, Xu was able to recreate that exact moment as he posed with the same flight stewardess aboard a plane. This time though, he is now a 20-year-old young man who is starting his career as a flight attendant as well.

According to Beijing Youth Paper Daily, Xu is now a third year student in the aviation crew of the Civil Aviation Flight Academy of China and has started his internship with China Eastern Airlines in October 2019. It’s the same airline that the flight attendant, Fang, has worked for spanning over 20 years.

Image by Beijing Youth Paper Daily via Mothership

When China Eastern Airlines heard of the their story, they immediately arranged for Xu and Fang to meet. They also made sure that Xu gets to do his internship alongside Fang, who inspired him.

“The plane model is different, and there are some differences in the position of the seat, but the feeling I had back then and now is still the same,” flight attendant Fang said.

This is truly awesome!

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