Saab Magalona proud of her mom Pia for giving birth 8 times without anaesthesia

  • Saab Magalona shared how proud she is of her mother Pia Magalona
  • Aside from giving birth eight times without pain medication, she said her mother worked so hard for their family
  • She also admitted how she seems to be following her mother’s footsteps

Saab Magalona shared how proud she is of her mother Pia Magalona for giving birth to all eight children without anaesthesia.

Image by Saab Magalona via Instagram

It sure is true that children learn to appreciate their parents more when they become parents themselves. Saab has nothing but praises for mother Pia who has taught her so much to be a good mother.

On Pia’s 55th birthday, Saab penned a loving message for her mother; showing how much she looks up to her. She said she idolizes her mom so much that she has learned to follow her footsteps.

Saab wrote, “How much do I look up to my mom? Marry a handsome musician? Check. Have kids once a year? So far!

Saab married her fellow Cheats band member, Jim Bacarro, in 2015. They welcomed their first son, Pancho Gerardo, in February 2018. A year and a half later, Saab gave birth to their second child, son Vito Tomas, on September 16, 2019.

But there’s one thing, she couldn’t do and that is to give birth eight times without pain medication. Saab jokingly said, “Pero hindi ko yata kaya ang eight (without anaesthesia)!”

Image by Pia Magalona via Instagram

She continued on how she feels lucky to have her mother by her side; always taking care of her. The loving daughter added that her birthday wish for her mom is for her to feel loved and appreciated.

Saab said, “Jokes aside: I’m so lucky to have a role model like you, mom. You’re always taking care of everyone around you, my wish is that I always thank you and make you feel that your love is reciprocated!”

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