Princess Pacquiao’s house tour vlog gets over 1.5 million views on YouTube

  • Princess Pacquiao shared a house tour and a Q&A with her siblings
  • She asked her siblings what superpower would they want to have and what they like to do
  • The video has gone viral with over 1.5 million views

Mary Pacquiao’s house tour has gone viral as many netizens were intrigued with their house and the Pacquiao siblings.

Image Capture of Video by Princess Pacquiao via Youtube

Mary Pacquiao, nicknamed “Princess” because she’s the eldest daughter, gave everyone a peek into their lavish house. Princess tried her hand at vlogging and made a house tour. On her YouTube channel, she posted her vlog entitled, “House Tour with Siblings!”

On her vlog, Princess began, “Today I will be doing a house tour. I will be showing you guys our whole house and while doing that I’ll be doing a small Q and A with everyone I meet.”

Princess goes through her siblings’ room. First, her youngest brother’s room and shared he is not around because he has swimming lessons. She goes to show her and her sister’s room.

Princess stumbles into her Kuya Michael when she opened his room. Micheal gladly obliged to his sister’s request for a mini Q & A. Princess asked, “If you were to have a super power, what would it be?” Micheal said, he would want to be as fast as “Flash.” He also shared his interests which includes painting, music, beatboxing and dancing, basketball.

Image Capture of Video by Princess Pacquiao via Youtube

Princess goes on to share one of her favorite places in their house, the rooftop. She said she loves it because it has an “amazing view.”

She also introduced their household pets. Aside from birds, they also have cats and dogs.

Princess caught up with her sister, Queenie who said her ideal superpower would be the ability to make ice. That’s because she always loves cold things. Finally, she caught up with her other “Kuya” – Jimuel – who shared he would want to have the ability to fly.

You can watch the rest of Princess’ vlog via her YouTube channel:

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