Planter Jeepney: Pinoy artist transforms jeepney into a mobile forest

  • Larry Gile, who is also a permaculture and entrepreneur, has produced a project that shows the other use of old carbon-emitting jeepneys
  • An old jeepney is now an eco-friendly project where plants grow and animals live
  • The project also aims to stir public debate about the state of the environment, nature and urbanization

With jeepneys facing an inevitable fate of leaving the roads once the public utility vehicle modernization measure is fully implemented, a Filipino permaculture and entrepreneur has produced a project that could be done on phased out vehicles.

Image by Planter via Facebook

Larry Gile has transformed a jeepney into an eco-friendly project that holds amazing purpose. An old carbon-emitting jeepney was turned into a mobile forest, where plants can grow and insects can find home.

It is called the “Planter Jeepney” and Gile fondly call it “Papa P”. According to a report, it has a soil bed reactor that filters the emission from the jeepney. The soil basically absorbs the smoke coming from the jeepney; preventing it from being emitted into the atmosphere.

It is a colorful jeepney that bears the word “Magbubukid” on the front written in Baybayin, the Philippines’ ancient script.

It was further reported that the Planter Jeepney uses situ ecotechnology “where the micro agro forest facilitates self-regulating microclimate then provides a habitat for all sorts of useful insects and birds as mobile green space.”

Gile shared in an interview with Good News Pilipinas, that among his objectives in creating the project is to “stir public debate about the state of the environment, nature and urbanization.”

“One victim is the phase out of the iconic Philippine Jeepney due to reasons of modernization. A classic example of Filipino innovation and ingenuity will be erased in the Filipino consciousness and will be replaced with boxed type electrical mini buses that are powered by same dirty coal fired power plants,” Gile said.

Image by Planter via Facebook

“I want to contra pose a cultural solution to the jeepney solution. Solution that is not ‘business as usual,” he added as he challenged local engineers and scientist to create eco-friendly, inexpensive, and valuable projects.

“In my use of situ ecotechnology I was able to create a scrapped vehicle and reintroduced it into a valuable piece of project. How much more the scientists and engineers. Madali mag-create ng mura at valuable na projects, basta pag iisipan lang… at ang puso ay para sa marginalised stakeholders like the drivers and operators,” Gile stated.