Paolo Ballesteros sets unofficial world record for not blinking

  • Actor and TV host Paolo Ballesteros has set an unofficial record for not blinking for one hour, 17 minutes and three seconds
  • He made the potential world record during Eat Bulaga’s contest on not blinking
  • His record remains unofficial as the Guinness World Records do not have a record of such feat

Actor-TV host Paolo Ballesteros has posted an unofficial world record for not blinking for over an hour.

Image by Eat Bulaga via Facebook

Ballesteros made the unofficial world record after not blinking for one hour, 17 minutes and three seconds in the noon time show, Eat Bulaga. He defeated his co-host Pauleen Luna, who earlier recorded 30 minutes and 44 seconds of not blinking.

According to a report, Ballesteros’ record is still unofficial as the Guinness World Records “said there is no record for such feat.” However, a certain Michael T. of Florida, United States is the current world record holder for not blinking in a long period of time before Ballesteros nailed his attempt with a longer time record.

Data from showed that Michael T. has a record for not blinking within one hour and 5.61 seconds. The attempt was recorded last March 8, 2015. But even the Guinness World Records could not honor this as there has yet to be an official record for such activity.

Although it was an unofficial world record, a lot of people on Facebook congratulated and praised the Kapuso star for achieving the feat.

One of the netizens, who commented on the announcement made by the noon time show on its Facebook account to confirm that Ballesteros made the new record, said: Congrats Pao! Isa ako sa nakasaksi ng record mo, sinubaybayan ka namin sa FB Live ng EB kahapon. Napasigaw at napapakurap kami habang ikaw walang kurapan na lumalaban.

[Congratulations, Pao. I was among those who witnessed your record attempt, we really stayed on FB Live just to watch you yesterday. We screamed and blinked numerous times while you did not even blink once while fighting.]

Another one said, “Nag-try ako, wala pang five minutes kurap na agad. Galing naman, Pao pang Guinness talaga ‘yan.”

Image Capture of a Video by Eat Bulaga via Facebook

[I tried doing it but it only took me five minutes. That’s really awesome Pao, it’s really a Guinness record material.]

“Isa ako sa libu-libong hindi bumitaw sa FB Live kanina just to witness this hanggang dulo. Ang galing! Sana i-certify ng Guinness World Records,” another Facebook user commented.

[I was one of the thousands of people who did not leave the FB Live until the end. It was awesome! I hope the Guinness World Records would certify it.]