Panelo points at past admins for mass transit issues, says problems are “solvable”

  • Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo blamed past administrations for the problems of LRT and MRT
  • He said past administrations have been neglecting it and now they are finding solutions 
  • He cited projects such as the rehabilitation of MRT3, building of MRT-7 and extension of LRT1, LRT2 and PNR

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo has blamed the past administrations for the problems in our mass transit system.

Image by Office of the Presidential Spokesperson via Facebook page

Panelo said the issues we have today regarding LRT and MRT were caused by neglect from past administrations and the Duterte administration merely inherited it.

He was quoted by GMA saying, “The present problems in our mass transit system (LRT and MRT) are the products of many years of neglect by the previous administrations.”

The spokesperson added that the Duterte administration is already working towards a solution to these problems.

“This Administration, however, considers these problems as solvable, and the LRT and MRT management are already doing something about it,” Panelo said.

Panelo named the projects that the Duterte administration are already working on, among these include the rehabilitation of MRT3, building of MRT-7 and extension of LRT1, LRT2 and PNR.

This came after Renato Reyes Jr. of “Bagong Alyansang Makabayan” said that we are already experiencing a “mass transport crisis”, following the issues of LRT1, LRT2 and MRT3.

Image by MRT DOTr,

Panelo said that while he is aware of the how “vexing” the daily commute is, he denied that a crisis is already happening.

“I stand by my statement: there is no mass transport crisis. The crisis is in the sufferance of commuters and motorists; while the other crisis is in the inefficient operation and maintenance of the LRTs — the crisis is in its poor management,” he said.

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