Most Filipinas prefer men with money over looks, poll says

  • Most women prefer a man with money over good looks
  • The survey is consistent with evolved preferences theory
  • Evolved preferences theory says women prefers men with resources because they need them to provide food for them and their children

Women, what is your ideal mate?

Image capture from Drew Arellano’s IG photo

A recent survey conducted by The Filipino Times disclosed that most Filipino women or 87% of the participants said they prefer a man with money than somebody who got good looks.

The survey was conducted through the website’s online poll segment called “Tanong ng Bayan.”

It further noted that some commented that they prefer financial security because good looks can easily be done through plastic surgery nowadays should the person have cash.

The result of the poll appears to concord with the evolved preferences theory as detailed in Psychology Today. The theory says that most women are dependent on their partners to provide for them and their children; hence, financial capacity seems to be a must.

Meanwhile, men are looking for healthy and fertile women who will bring high quality offsprings for them.

However, as per the social role theory, the differences in women’s mate preferences is due to the current social organization rather than a product of our revolutionary past.

It suggests that women’s mate preferences will shift toward looks and away from sources as they gain more gender equality in their society.

Purchasing executive Donadel Domingo shares a different view. He said that when looking for a partner, neither the looks nor the money should be made as measurement but the character of the person.

On one hand, executive secretary working in the UAE Maria Christina Nonol said good looks can also be an advantage when it comes to career.

“Sa panahon ngayon, ang pogi o maganda ay plus factor because of the face value,” she said. [In the present time, good looks is a plus factor because of the face value.]

How about you? What is your ideal mate?

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