Leila Alcasid shares the best gift her dad Ogie has given her

  • Leila Alcasid shared how when she was younger she was showered with gifts
  • Now that she’s older, she realized that the best gift she received is her parents’ time
  • Leila said she appreciates spending time with her family even if they are doing nothing at home

Leila Alcasid shared the best gift she has ever received from her celebrity dad, Ogie.

Image by Leila Alcasid via Facebook

The teen singer-model admitted that while growing up, she and her sister were always showered with gifts because it was their parents way of showing their love.

She told Push, “I wouldn’t call it spoiled. I guess all my parents are very naturally generous so it’s almost like their love language that’s their way of showing that they care about us. But it was always within reason.”

They were also taught to be grateful for everything they received. Leila said, “They didn’t give too much but there would always be just enough and they told us to be appreciative.”

Now that she’s older and living with her dad in Manila, she said the best gift she receives from her parents is their time.

She explained, “I think my loved ones are very, very generous. The biggest thing that my dad would give me was his time and now it’s the reverse, the biggest thing my mom can give me is her time. So I really appreciate when my loved ones kind of think to give me quality time.”

Leila shared that spending time with her family is already a gift in itself because she knows how busy they are. She explained that it doesn’t have to be a fancy vacation; just doing nothing at home is enough.

Image by Leila Alcasid via Facebook

“I recently went back to Australia and the one thing I missed was just even if we were just at home doing nothing, I like sitting with my family and that in itself is generous. My parents are very busy so that’s one thing that I appreciate and it’s a lot to make time for someone especially nowadays when everything’s moving so fast,” she said.

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