Kyline Alcantara gives advice to women who are also experiencing acne breakouts, other imperfections

  • Kyline Alcantara opened up on social media about her struggles with acne breakouts
  • According to her, she tried to hide her imperfections by applying thicker makeup in order to look good on camera but her actions only made her situation worse
  • The Kapuso actress shared what she learned in order to help other women who are suffering from acne breakouts and those who are feeling bad about their imperfections
Image via @itskylinealcantara | Instagram

‘Have confidence and love yourself’.

Kapuso actress Kyline Alcantara shared her struggles with acne breakouts on social media.

On her Instagram post last October 7, Kyline bravely uploaded several close-up photos of herself that revealed her physical ‘imperfections.’

“Yes, this happened to me. It started March last year, it started with one zit, and then it became two until I can’t count them anymore,” wrote the young actress on the first part of her caption.

Kyline admitted that she had been struggling to get rid of her acne for more than a year. She tried to hide them by applying too much foundation and concealer in order to look good on TV.

She even tested several skin care routines but nothing has changed so she started to consult a specialist.

“Don’t stress yourself over something to be perfect because it will not come. Accept your uniqueness and use it to your advantage and represent proudly yourself thru it,” Kyline said.

Image via @itskylinealcantara | Instagram

Seeing an expert helped Kyline realize her mistakes when it comes to skin care. She shared her ‘not-so-perfect’ photos on social media to also reached out and give advice to other women who are suffering from acne breakouts and those who are feeling bad about their imperfections.

“Don’t let the norm and society dictate what you should feel and look. Be your own unique you. Love the imperfectly perfect you,” she posted; referring to those who also have similar issues like hers.

Have confidence and love yourself! For our Creator loves you! Yes, you, the unique you!” she concluded.

Image via @itskylinealcantara | Instagram