Kawaii urns in Japan, a new way to keep the ashes of loved ones

  • The Japanese never fail to create cute things even for their departed loved ones
  • The memorial urn was taken to the whole new level, thanks to Memorial Art Ohnoya, Inc.
  • Remembering your loved ones will never be as cute and lovely as this

It is truly the greatest heartbreak when someone dear to us permanently leaves us. But it does not mean we cannot honor and commemorate them in the cutest possible way.

Image via SoraNews24

Japan is known for almost everything as cute especially in the things they use. For some people, they see it as a trend in the country, but for Japanese, it has been their tradition since way back in the 1970s which they even used as their way of revolution.

Years after, the world recognized Japan’s cute culture and some have even adopted it; a clear sign which proves Japan’s impact and influence on the other parts of the world.

Recently, a shop in Japan called Memorial Art Ohnoya, Inc. in Tokyo designed a “kawaii” (cute) way to keep our departed loved ones.

They were inspired by the traditional box-shaped school bag in Japan which is called “randoseru” and developed it into a smaller size with a hard egg container inside where the ashes of someone dear is stored.

This is acceptable and normal to Japanese because one of their traditions is to cremate the body of their late family member as a spiritual practice and also in order to keep and be with them every day.

Image via SoraNews24

The shop called their memorial urn design as Soul Petit Pot Popo. It varies from different colors such as “pretty pink,” “vitamin orange,” “milky peach,” and “sweet chestnut.”

The little backpack case comes with a frame in the flap where the picture of the late person is inserted.

Cute in appearance and name but it retains the spiritual concept because it is made of polished brass which is the usual material used for religious items in Japan.

It costs 12,000 yen or around P5,800 in Philippine peso which is cheaper than a casket and all you need is a space in your living room to display it. That way, you will always be reminded about your loved ones in your every waking day.

Image via SoraNews24