How Gabby Concepcion reacted to KC’s photos showing some skin

  • Gabby Concepcion did not question his daughter’s revealing photographs
  • Instead, he sees it as an art and expressed that he’s open to KC doing that kind of pictorial
  • But as a dad, he revealed that it felt a little strange

Like any father to his daughter, Gabby Concepcion could not help but feel a little strange seeing his daughter, KC, showing some skin and posting revealing photos on Instagram.

Image by KC Concepcion via Instagram

But Gabby was quick to clarify that it’s not a bad thing. As a father he still wants his daughter to shine.

“Well, ako I love art. Maganda naman at marami naman akong nakikitang mga ganung style. Pero of course, coming from your daughter, nakakapanibago lang,” the actor said in an interview.

[Well, I love art. It’s beautiful and I have been seeing similar styles. But, of course, coming from your daughter, it also feels strange.]

“But I’m open to that. There will always be critics, okay lang yun basta that’s how she feels, that how she wants to express her photo sessions, her art forms,” Gabby added; noting that whatever makes his daughter happy, he will just be there to support her.

KC, Gabby and Sharon Cuneta’s daughter, has been actively sharing photographs of her flaunting some skin and sometimes clad in revealing clothes. But while a lot of people, including celebrities, love and praise how beautiful and confident KC is, some netizens could not keep their opinions to themselves as they call her out for being herself.

Image by KC Concepcion via Instagram

And what most people love about her is that she’s not backing down; instead, she stays classy in dealing with rude remarks.

According to a report, KC is also in a mission to get back in shape and has been paying extra attention to her diet.