Here’s why there’s a bridge in Southern Leyte which has no body of water underneath

  • A bridge structure in Southern Leyte has been under criticisms for being built on a portion with no river
  • It is built on a ground with no body of water around
  • The government, however, defended their reason for building such project

A bridge in Southern Leyte has been the subject of criticisms due to its non-existent river underneath.

Image Capture of a Video by GMA News via Twitter

Tagged as the “bridge with no river”, the Buenavista Slab Bridge in Bontoc, Southern Leyte has actually been ridiculed online in the past for being built on a portion of a national road that has no river.

Various questions like the intention of the government in building such structure were pointed out even way back in 2016 which prompted the Department of Public Works and Highways to clarify their decision in implementing a P23-million bridge in the area despite the absence of a river ar any body of water.

The DPWH in Southern Leyte explained that since the completion of the bridge project in 2015, it has been damaged thrice, mostly during heavy downpour.

In a report, the agency stressed that building a bridge design was the only way to prevent the road portion from repeatedly collapsing or sinking.

Residents in the area also revealed that the road portion would always collapse after a heavy rain. It was then discovered that the ground in the site was soft due to a creek underneath. So, in order to prevent yet another episode of road damage and rebuilding activity, the local DPWH office designed the road like a bridge to bury the foundation deep into the ground, making the road sturdier.

Image Capture of a Video by GMA News via Twitter

It was also explained that the railings also tend to protect motorists if the road sanks.

The agency reiterated that the residents nearby are aware of the situation and the reason behind the bridge project.

Southern Leyte District Engineer Ma. Margarita Junia was quoted in 2016 saying, “It has been a common knowledge for the residents in the area and for usual motorists passing through this section that the numerous reblocking, embankment, and slope protection projects implemented in this particular section in the past have been destroyed every time continuous heavy rains occur.”