Giant firm Unilever aims to cut down plastic consumption by half come 2025

  • The consumer good company announced its goal to cut its plastic consumption by half by 2025
  • It will also offer more reusable and refillable packaging in order to achieve the goal
  • The move came amid growing concerns from the government and consumers about plastic pollution

Six years from now, giant company Unilever would have cut down its use of new plastic by half.

Image via Unilever

The British-Dutch company, which owns the brands of Dove soap and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, among others, announced last October 7 that it intends to decrease its use of plastic from its current consumption of 700,000 tonnes of a year to about 350,000 tonnes starting 2025, a report said.

The giant firm also said that they will offer more reusable and refillable packaging, as well as sell more unwrapped products in order to get to their goal.

According to Alan Jope, the CEO of Unilever, the move came amid mounting concerns from both the government and consumers on the damage caused by plastic to the environment, either on the landfill or in the world’s oceans.

The possibility of plastics outweighing fish in the ocean by 2050 also pushes companies, like Unilever, to rethink their firm’s way of packaging their products.

Image via Unilever

“It requires us to introduce new and innovative materials, and scale up new business models, like reuse and refill formats, at an unprecedented speed and intensity,” Jope said in a report; expressing the company’s intention to make its packaging contain at least 25 percent of recycled plastic by 2025.

Jope added that they want to collect and process plastic packaging more than what it sells by the same year. He also bared that the company will invest in waste collection and processing by acquiring more recycled plastics for use in its own packaging.

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