For the first time: Regine Velasquez shows off what’s inside her walk-in closet

  • Regine Velasquez shared what’s inside her walk-in closet for the first time on her vlog
  • She admitted that half of her clothes are still left unused
  • She also shared some memorable stories about her things especially the pair of Louis Vuitton shoes she bought in New York
Image via @reginevalcasid | Instagram

Regine Velasquez talked about her memories with her clothes and shoes collection which she has been keeping private for years.

In a video she uploaded on Youtube last October 1, Regine said it was her first time to welcome strangers on the second storey of their home, particularly inside her walk-in closet.

“Hindi namin pinapakita talaga ‘yung walk-in closet namin, hindi sa ayaw namin i-share. It’s because, you know, it’s very personal,” Regine admitted at the start of the vlog.

“Kaya kapag nagha-house tour we never show the upstairs. It’s always just the first floor,” she added.

The 49-year-old singer shared a glimpse of what’s inside her walk-in closet. She first gave a tour on her husband’s wardrobe which looked clean and well-organized. Then the camera shifted to her side, revealing her closet filled with her clothes and shoes collection.

“I really wanna fix my closet. I really, really want to do that,” said Regine upon introducing her stuff.

The singer was also laughing and keeping a cool image in front of the camera although her things looked like a bit mixed up. She continued the tour by sharing some memories about her favorite brands of shoes.

Image via @reginevalcasid | Instagram

According to Regine, she is fond of odd-looking shoes. Her top choices were Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, and Channel.

Some of the shoes the singer owns were even part of the runway collection.

Regine also announced that she will be giving away ten pairs of shoes once her Youtube account reaches a total 100,000 subscribers. Well, she’s got 245,000 subscribers now.

You can watch her vlog below:

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