Doug Kramer explains why it’s important for fathers to take daughters on a “date”

  • Doug Kramer advises fathers to take their daughters on a “date” because the children really appreciate the time and effort given to them
  • Doug joined an art lesson with his eldest daughter, Kendra
  • Recently, Doug also brought his son Gavin as they joined Scarlet’s ballet class

Doug Kramer recently shared one of his “dates” with his eldest daugther, Kendra. Even though the proud dad isn’t into arts, he spends some time bonding and enjoying his child’s interest.

Image by Doug Kramer via Instagram

He wrote, “Today, I took Kendra out on a date. Out of everyone in the family, I’m the least artistic. But because she loves painting, I decided to paint with her because this is what she’s passionate about. I needed a little help with the outline, but I wanted to draw our sunset at our house. Kendra painted the sunset by the beach, and I was embracing her as we were staring at the beautiful view.”

The celebrity dad shared how important it is for fathers to take the time off to go on dates with their daughters. Doug said, “Moments like this, I won’t trade for anything! Fathers, date your daughters. Date your kids 1 on 1. They’ll appreciate the special time and attention you give them.”

Doug added, “I think every father should date their children individually. The quality time you’ll spend with them will mean so much!”

Image Capture of Video by Team Kramer via Facebook

Recently, Doug shared how he taught his son Gavin a lesson on breaking stereotypes and going out of our comfort zone to spend time with family. He encouraged Gavin to join his sisters’ ballet class.

Gavin, the Kramer’s unico hijo, was taking taekwondo lessons and decided to join in on his sister Scarlet’s fun ballet lesson. He was the only boy in the class but Doug explained, “Ballet is not just for girls, okay. It’s not just for girls, It’s for flexibility; it’s for posture. That’s why Gavin wanted to join it.”