“Daddy’s Girl:” JC de Vera enjoys doing “daddy duties” to his daughter Lana

  • JC De Vera showed off some adorable photos with his daughter, Lana
  • He promised to take care of her until the end of his time
  • The actor is a hands-on dad who enjoys spending time with his unica hija

Actor JC De Vera sure is one doting daddy to his daughter, Lana Athena.

Image by JC De Vera via Instagram

JC may have already bidden goodbye to his role as Captain Ethan Del Fierro on “The General’s Daughter,” but there’s one role he said he will never give up. The actor promised to remain as his daughter’s protector.

On Instagram, JC wrote a short but sweet message to his daughter Lana as he posted a photo of him bathing his daugther. He said,”Lana, I can’t promise to take care of you till the end of time. But I promise to take care of you till the end of mine.”

“Same with you Rick,” he added referring to his partner Rikkah Cruz.

The first dad is also a very hands-on dad as JC regularly shares photos of his fun time with Lana. Aside from the usual playtime, JC also lovingly combs Lana’s hair, teaches her to swim and feeds her.

The actor admitted that he feels very protective of his daughter. He earlier said, “It’s different if your baby is a girl, you need to be more protective, unlike boys, you can just let them run around, literally and figuratively. The bottom line is, you just want to give your child the best life.”

Image by JC De Vera via Instagram

JC shared that everything changed for the better when he became a dad. He said, “I have learned a lot of things about myself since Lana was born. I became more patient, and of course more inspired to work.”

The actor said that while he and Rikkah love kids, they are not too keen on adding a new baby anytime soon. The reason is because they are preparing and saving for their church wedding.

Image by JC De Vera via Instagram