Commuters’ hero: Man offers free ride to students affected by interrupted train operations

  • A rider offered free ride to students who had a hard time getting a ride to Cubao due to the suspended train operations
  • A student he helped was able to share the story of his heroics online
  • Instead of accepting money for the ride, he asked for something else

In these trying times for the Filipino commuters, a hero has emerged to serve his fellowmen.

Image by Modrea Eulanne Reyes via Twitter

Mike Vinuya, a “habal” driver, willingly helped Cubao-bound students who could not get a ride home by offering a free ride onboard his motorcycle after the operations of a railway system from Marikina City to Manila were temporarily suspended following an incident.

This left commuters, mostly students, from the eastern part of Metro Manila to settle on hailing already-packed jeepneys or buses for a ride to and from their schools.

But in the middle of this situation, Vinuya onboard his orange motorcycle with a taped placard in front saying “Libre Sakay To Cubao Student” went on to carry out a simple service for the Filipino people last October 7.

A student, who was at the receiving end of Vinuya’s good deed, shared her experience on Twitter that would later inspire a lot of people online.

“This is Kuya Mike,” Modrea Eulanne Reyes said as she was able to take a selfie with Vinuya. “Amidst the hellish commute in Manila and the high demand of public utility vehicles, he willingly helps students by driving them to Cubao station for free. I was one of the lucky ones who saw him while waiting an hour for a PUV.”

But Vinuya refused to accept even a single centavo for the ride; instead, he asked for something else.

“He said he doesn’t want students to be late and also this would be his good deed so the Lord will cure his son, Marcus, who has been in the hospital for three days,” Reyes bared. “I insisted on paying him or even opening a fund raising account for their hospital bills, but he rejected me multiple times.”

Image by Modrea Eulanne Reyes via Twitter

“He said all he wants is a prayer for his son,” Reyes said in a series of tweets where she also asked her family and friends to say a prayer for little Marcus, Vinuya’s five-year-old son, as a thank you to kuya Mike.

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