Clint Bondad says no chance of reconciliation with Catriona, defends Thai billionaire friend

  • Clint Bondad quashed possibilities he will reconcile with ex-girlfriend Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray
  • He, however, defended his friendship with Anne, a Thai billionaire
  • The model said he can’t force others to understand

Clint Bondad said he has no plans of getting back with his former flame Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

Image by Clint Bondad via Instagram account

While it seems like a long time since Clint and Catriona have called it quits, several netizens are still hopeful that a reconciliation will happen. Unfortunately for them, Clint has quashed all their hopes. On Instagram, a netizen asked, “Should I give up or there’s a small chance?”

Clint replied with a short but stern response and said, “Give up.”

Meanwhile, Clint has defended his new Thai friend, Anne, the chief executive officer (CEO) of JKN Global Media Public Limited Company in Thailand.

The actor-model posted a photo of him and Anne calling her his “sidekick.” Clint wrote, “Based on how many girly punches and half a** kicks I received for being the funniest and most charming person ever I must be with the worst Muay Thai instructor in the world. I actually don’t mind if you only like me because of my money @annejkn.official it’s always a fun time.”

A netizen asked Clint, “Is that the transwoman from Thailand?” Clint replied, “No. But she’s a woman from Thailand.” Another one said, “Ayaw na ng Miss Universe, mas gusto na ng trans (sad face).”

Clint echoed the comment of a netizen who asked for a little respect.

Image by Clint Bondad via Instagram

The netizen said, “If only people would stop referring to her as ‘that trans’, ‘yung trans na iyon’, or ‘bakla’ or whatever… It is so diminishing the soul.”

Clint said, “Given the time and understanding, it’s technically us who want something from them. It will only come with compassion. Can’t force understanding.”

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