Claudine Barretto emotionally asks the late Rico Yan to take care of her daddy

  • Claudine Barretto shared an emotional moment when she visited the late Rico Yan
  • She pleaded to her former boyfriend to help take care of her ailing father
  • The actress had been on “night shift” taking care of their dad when he was still in the hospital

Claudine Barretto couldn’t help but be emotional as she pleaded to her former boyfriend – the late Rico Yan – to take care of her dad.

Image Capture of Video by Claudine Barretto via Instagram

On Instagram, the actress shared an emotional moment when she visited Rico. Claudine poured out all her emotions as she feared that her beloved father was slowly slipping away.

Claudine had just recently posted the video but it seemed like it was captured while her father Miguel was still in the hospital. The actress can be seen saying, “I’m so scared, Rico. I’m scared to lose my dad. . . It’s not going to be the same anymore.”

Despite their differences, Marjorie Barretto had earlier shared that Claudine had been sleeping in the hospital every night to take care of their dad.

On the 9th day since their father’s passing, Claudine and her family visited their patriarch. She said she needed “some hugs and support.” Claudine added, “I felt so sad staying at my parents place I really miss my dad.”

Image by Star Cinema

While having lunch, Claudine made a promise to her dad that she will take care of her mother. She wrote, “I promise to be here for you always, mom . We will get through this. I love you so much.”

Posting a photo of her father, Claudine shared how it had not been easy without him around. She said she has not been eating and sleeping properly. She wrote, “I wish you were here. I miss taking care of u.”

The actress said she missed staring at her father while he was asleep, “I wish we had more nights like those. I love you so much, Daddy.”

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