Chitorials: Chito Miranda pens how he made Neri fall madly in love with him

  • Chito Miranda proudly shared how he made his wife Neri Naig deeply fall in love with him
  • His post went viral on social media as he enumerated his suwabe moves that captured the heart and attention of his wife
  • He also shared some tips to other men and tagged them under the hashtag #Chitorials
Image via @chitomirandajr | Instagram

Chito Miranda successfully earned a bunch of pogi points from netizens following his latest post about love and courtship on social media.

He proudly shared on Facebook a photo of his wife and wrote about how he made Neri Naig deeply fall in love with him.

“Asawa ko iyan. She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s sweet, she’s kind, she’s caring and considerate, she’s patient, forgiving, and most importantly, she’s mine,” said Chito on the initial part of his post.

He bragged about his suwabe moves that captivated Neri’s heart and attention.

According to Chito, he would usually drive a total of six hours just so he could spend an hour with Neri. He also made sure that one hour would be enough to tease her and make her laugh. This was his way to make Neri long for him when he is not around anymore, he said.

The vocalist also admitted that he stopped his crazy antics — not because Neri asked him to, but because he wanted to be someone worth loving. He also provided an added tip to other guys who are hoping to have a strong relationship.

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“Make sure that she knows na ayaw mo na “friends” lang, but always treat her like a friend. Yung totoong friend ha? Dapat para ka nyang daddy, kuya, at bestfriend. Always treat her like a princess, pero dapat kaya mo rin syang kutusan paminsan-minsan!”

Chito’s post eventually went viral on social media. It surprisingly gained more than 198,000 reactions and 64,000 shares on Facebook.

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