Why Mariel Rodriguez opts to give birth in the US to their second child

  • Mariel Rodriguez flew to the United States to give birth to her second child, Gabriela
  • She will be accompanied by her first child Isabela as her husband, Robin, couldn’t be with her
  • Mariel had earlier said she wanted to give birth in the US because she can be more focused with her newborn there

Mariel Rodriguez is on the way to the United States to give birth to her second child.

Image by Mariel Rodriguez via Instagram

On Instagram, Mariel shared a photo of her with her husband, Robin Padilla, and first born daughter, Isabella. The expectant mother thanked her husband for their trip and is excited for the birth of their second daughter.

Mariel wrote, “Here we are embarking on another journey. Making sacrifices and doing what’s best for our children.”

“Thank you for our trip babe [Robin]. We miss you already! When we see you next time we will be with Gabriela (referring to their second child). We love you so much,” she added.

Mariel, an American citizen, also gave birth to her eldest Isabella in the US back in 2016. Previously, Robin couldn’t join his wife in the US because he was having problems in acquiring a US travel visa.

Many netizens have often criticized the couple for opting to give birth miles away from the Philippines when Robin is known to be a proud Filipino patriot.

But despite it all, Mariel defended her choice for her family. In an earlier interview with Philippine Star, she said giving birth in the US allows her to be more focused on taking care of their newborn.

Mariel said, “I want to be able to give my baby the same attention I gave Isabella when I gave birth to her… No one will bother us, no one will visit us. You know what I mean? So I want to be able to give her that.”

Image by Mariel Rodriguez via Instagram

With Mariel giving birth in the US, her second child, Gabriela, would also become an American citizen, just like her sister and mom Mariel.