TnT judge Dulce breaks silence on “resbaker” Mariane’s controversial scores

  • Tawag ng Tanghalan judge Dulce said they stand by their scores on the controversial showdown
  • The ‘hurados” drew flak online for giving an “all time low” score to Mariane Osabel
  • Dulce said they were just doing their job and Mariko Ledesma gave a better performance

“Tawag ng Tanghalan” judge Dulce got emotional as she broke her silence on the controversy surrounding their recent “resbaker” Mariane Osabel.

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN via Youtube

The “hurados” recently received flak online after Mariane, a crowd favorite was booted out of the show. During her showdown with Mariko Ledesma, Marian earned a judges’ score of 16.50, which viewers said was an “all time low.”

The controversy blew out of proportions as “Mariane” continued to trend on Twitter for several days. Judges, like K Brosas, received a slew of hateful words and messages online.

Dulce addressed the issue and appealed to the viewers. She shared that as a former “Tawag ng Tanghalan” champion back in 1975, she knows very well how it feels to be in the competition.

The veteran singer went on to defend her fellow hurados’ decision. Dulce said, “Ako na rin mismo ang magsasalita in behalf of the hurados. Nasaktan kami sa lahat ng sinasabi against us. Wala naman kaming magagawa, we have to do our job.”

She stoody by their decision that Mariane’s opponent, Mariko, gave a better performance.

“But I just want to assure you, especially Mariane, she is very good. She was my favorite, but it so happened that on that day ng labanan, talaga lang meron isang aangat, kasi talaga namang lumaban si Mariko,” Dulce continued.

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN via Youtube

Dulce said they will refuse to apologize for doing their job.

She said, “Ngayon pa lang, kung hindi kayo natuwa sa nangyari at kami minumura n’yo, in behalf of all the hurados, hindi po ako hihingi ng tawad doon, dahil po kinailangan mangyari ang dapat mangyari.”

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