Solenn and Nico Bolzico determined to raise a “Full Pinay” daughter fluent in Tagalog

  • Solenn and Nico Bolzico said they want to raise a “full Pinay” daughter
  • Nico is Argentinean while Solenn is Filipino-French
  • They said they want to raise a child who is fluent in speaking Tagalog and experiences the full Filipino culture

For Solenn and Nico Bolzico raising a “Full Pinay” daughter would be a priority.

Image via Nico Bolzico | Instagram

While Nico is Argentinean and Solenn is Filipino-French, they want their daughter to grow up as a normal Filipina, even fluent in speaking Tagalog.

Nico shared with Pep, “She is full Pinoy, she is gonna be born here, she is gonna live here, we are not going anywhere.”

“She is Filipina. We want her to have the full-on Filipino culture… and I want her to speak Tagalog properly, very well, so that will be a priority,” he added.

Nico, however, admitted that their daughter would also need to learn Spanish to communicate well with his side of the family.

While it’s still far along to know what kind of parents they will be, Nico is confident that they will try their best. He said they will balance being protective and giving their daughter freedom.

Nico explained, “When she is not yet aware of the world, she will have full protection and a lot of love.”

Image by Solenn Heussaff via Facebook page

“And two, when she is more aware, when she can make her own choices, for me it is complete freedom for her to choose what she wants and what makes her happy,” he added.

The expectant father also said they don’t want to raise a spoiled child. Nico said, “We want to inculcate good values. I will not allow, we will not allow to have a spoiled kid.”

Nico and Solenn are going to be parents as soon as Solenn gives birth in January 2020.

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