Sharon Cuneta mulls semi-retiring from showbiz to enjoy private life

  • Sharon Cuneta said she is now considering to semi-retire from showbiz
  • She said she is exhausted from working for years
  • The singer and actress said she longs to enjoy a private life

Sharon Cuneta admitted she has been mulling to semi-retire from working in showbiz.

Image by Sharon Cuneta via Instagram

In a heartfelt post on her social media accounts, the Megastar shared how she wishes to live a private life to finally relax. She said she has been working non stop for years and now longs to tell herself that it’s already “enough.”

Sharon wrote, “Since last year l have seriously been thinking of semi-retiring. I am so very tired. It has been 41 years of work, work, work for me, and at some point, kailangan na rin sabihin sa sarili na ‘tama na.'”

“When will it ever be enough? Sometimes you just have to put your foot down and say it’s okay, and it’ll all be okay,” she added. The Megastar said she might do a concert once in awhile or a movie from time to time. She shared how exhausted she already feels.

Sharon added, “Sinasabi ko na sa inyo ito, mga mahal kong Sharonians. Mahal na mahal ko kayo pero pagod na rin si Mama. ‘Di naman siguro ako biglang forever na mawawala.”

She said she might just start giving a little of herself to the public and more to her “private life.” She also lamented how elusive the idea of a “private life” has been to her.

Sharon said, “Konting-konti na lang siguro ang kakayanin kong ibigay until magpahinga na ako at i-enjoy naman ang tinatawag na private life, na alam ng karamihan pero tungkol saan kokonti lang ang alam ko.”

Image by Sharon Cuneta via Instagram

She hopes her fans will understand her. She even said she has talked to her manager, team and family about her decision.

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