School shares why it’s important to encourage students to play “larong-kalye” instead of gadgets

  • Schools in Leyte explained why it’s much better for students to play physical activities rather than gadgets
  • They said play and physical activities are important in the child’s development
  • The schools have already banned the students’ use of gadgets within their campus

Two Schools in Leyte have restricted the use of gadgets among their students and shared why they encouraged them to play “larong-kalye” instead.

Image by Joshua Hocson via Facebook

The Doane Baptist School and the Doane Christian Academy in Leyte have found a better way to encourage their students to go out and play outside. They decided to ban the use of ipads, smartphones and other gadgets inside their school premises.

The schools believe that play and physical activities have an important role in the development of children. Aside from promoting their healthy growth and development, it’s also a great way for them to release stress.

Joshua Hocson, the schools’ Pastor Administrator, decided to issue the ban after he received complaints from parents and teachers that children are spending too much time on their gadgets.

Since the schools banned the use of smartphones and gadgets, the students have found more ways to entertain themselves. Some goes to the library to study, while some would enjoy playing board games like chess, sports like basketball. Students have also learned to play more physical Pinoy games or “larong-kalye” games like piko, Chinese garter, and langit-lupa, among others.

Hocson also said that the students have developed better interpersonal skills and even improved their academic performance. With the positive impact of the ban to their students and community, Hocson said that the ban is going to stay for years.

Image by Joshua Hocson via Facebook

The Department of Education also encourages the proper cellphone using while in school. DepEd undersecretary Annalyn Sevilla reiterated that pr0hibiti0n of cellphone use during class hours is mandated under DepEd Order 83 series of 2003.

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