Sana all: Student receives cash incentive because of good grades

  • A lady student received cash incentives for having good grades
  • She received a total of Php2,300 on her first quarter grades
  • Her FB post went viral on social media

Some people claim that having incremental rewards while on the journey of accomplishing a huge task empowers motivation. Would cash rewards help?

Image by Mia Jean Allado via Facebook

Recently, a lady student’s post about her receiving cash incentives in exchange for good grades made rounds on social media.

Mia Jean Allado disclosed that she was promised to receive Php50.00 for a grade of 75% to 79%, Php200.00 for 80% to 89%, and Php500.00 for 90% to 98%.

Based on the computation, she received a total of Php2,300 on her grades for the first quarter.

Her grades were 85, 85, 88, 88, 90, 91, and 97 for Oral Communication, Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Pilipina, 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World, Earth and Life Sciences, Physical Education and Health, English for Academic and Professional Purposes, and a vocational subject respectively.

It appears that her incentives might still increase as she has yet to receive her grades for General Mathematics.

She said, “Kahit wala pong kapalit ‘yung grades ko magsikap pa rin po akong mag-aral ng mabuti kahit ‘di po ako matalino. ‘Yung Gen. Math ko wala pang grade.”

Image by Mia Jean Allado via Facebook

[Even if there’s no incentives for my grades, I will strive to study properly though I am not gifted with high level of intelligence. I have yet to receive my grade in General Mathematics.]

As of posting, the FB story has reached more than 3,000 reactions, about 5,000 comments, and at 19,000 shares.

One netizen commended the efforts of the student’s guardian to provide her rewards which would motivate the child to do better in her studies.

Others shared their similar experiences receiving rewards when they were still students. While some have asked for a treat from the student, with one saying, “Treat me a McFloat.”

Keep up the good work Mia!

Image by Mia Jean Allado via Facebook
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