Nikki Valdez shares secret to her successful cake shop

  • Nikki Valdez has a booming cake business named Miss Buttercream
  • They have inquiries for events up to year 2020
  • She said that the secret to happiness is doing what you love

To say that Nikki Valdez’s cake business is doing good would be an understatement. Nikki’s ‘Miss Buttercream’ already has inquiries for events up to year 2020.

Image by Nikki Valdez via Instagram

On her Instagram, the actress-entrepreneur shared how much baking brings her joy. She wrote, “Hindi ko talaga ma-explain ang feeling ko while baking. It brings me to a different level of fulfillment!”

Nikki even shared an advice to aspiring business bakers and said, “To all home bakers like me and if you plan to put up your own baking business, my advice is to invest in classes dahil marami talaga kayo matututunan na hindi ninyo makukuha online by just watching or reading a recipe and how it is done.”

Nikki recalled that her cake shop, Miss Buttercream, started decades ago when she still lived in Canada.

She told Pep, “I was not able to finish my BS-HRM course in college, so I wanted to take certificate courses in baking, but was not able to do it as well until 2014, when I stumbled upon a brochure for cake decorating in a Living Well branch.”

Since then, Miss Buttercream boomed into a popular cake shop. Nikki said that it is a passion project as she gets to do what she loves.

She said, “I have always believed that the secret ingredient to being happy is doing what you love and be thankful for everything—whether good or bad—for this is what will teach us in the long run.”

Image by Nikki Valdez via Instagram

Nikki also shared on her Instagram how cake and happiness are alike, “You can’t buy happiness but you sure can buy cake and that’s kind of like the same thing!”

Image by Nikki Valdez via Instagram
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Pep, Instagram